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To ease your daily work, Caduxis offers you a wide range of Services. As part of the health care ecosystem, you can assist patient in creating their Account.

Innovative Payment Gateway

In a few clicks, Caduxis gives you access to the history of your consultations, your treatments, your prescriptions, your medical tests and radiological exams, a history of your medical background or your known allergies, your emergency. Your data are secured and available for consultation to all authorized health professionals that you want.


Caduxis allows you to make an appointment at any time of the day! The patient accesses the schedule of his doctor and book an appointment depending on free slots in Doctor Agenda.


This service gives The possibility of consulting medical prescriptions (for Pharmacies) and the examinations bulletins (for laboratories and imaging centers). This even allows patients to check remotely if some Medicines are available in a Pharmacy before having to go there. It will also be possible for laboratories and imaging centers to save exams reports directly in patient’s medical records and thus digitally available for Doctors for interpretations.