Improving Patient Care…

Structures of health

As a health structure, you are an integral part of the patient care process. You ensure the continuity of healthcare professionals and allow patients to benefit from the best possible follow-up.

As an insurance structure, you support patients in their desire to receive care by providing them a prestation in accordance with your commitment.

On Caduxis, Healthcare structures can get ...

  • An increased visibility through an easy and fast geolocalisation tool, used by patients especially in emergency cases.

  • A Digital archiving system to upload exams reports, directly into patient’s medical records and get rid of paper.

  • An easy access to medical prescriptions of patients, to speed up their follow up and care.

  • A feature to create and update Medicines history for each patient helping to minimize Medicines interactions.

Beyond that, Caduxis provides a wide range of Services for you. Click Here...