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Medical record management

In a few clicks, Caduxis gives you access to the history of your consultations, your treatments, your prescriptions, your medical tests and radiological exams, a history of your medical background or your known allergies, your emergency. Your data are secured and available for consultation to all authorized health professionals that you want.

Making appointments

Caduxis allows you to make an appointment at any time of the day! The patient accesses the schedule of his doctor and book an appointment depending on free slots in Doctor Agenda.


Find hospitals, health centers, pharmacies, medical laboratories and other health facilities closest to you.

Reminders and alerts

Our Reminder System helps you to set up alerts for the day or the hour of your next consultation or when to take your medicine.

Payment methods

Powered by Wecashup from our partner Infinity Space, our system allows you to pay your health bills by cash, credit card or mobile money.


Your medical prescriptions, exam request are tele transmitted to pharmacies, medical labs and imaging centers, as soon as the Doctor generates them. In all healthcare structure using Caduxis, you simply provide you patient ID.