Improving Patient Care…


As Health professional, you are a key contributor in Improving Patient Care. Caduxis gives you, with authorization of your patient, a quick, and secured access to the main information about him (history of consultations, treatments, prescriptions, medical tests and radiological exams, a history of medical background or known allergies, emergency contacts, etc.).

Please note that to use Caduxis you must have a matricule number and be regularly registered as Health Professional in your country

On Caduxis, you can get ...

  • A quick and easy access to your patient's medical information. No more relying on patient memory or a paper record that could be lost.

  • A quick access to vital data of a patient during a hospitalization, or in case of emergency.

  • An easy follow-up of your patient especially when he suffers from a chronic or long-term illness.

  • The patient Drugs history to avoid drug interactions

  • The Consultations and Exams history to avoid redundant exams or treatments.

  • The Vaccines History of your patient for a better follow-up and care.

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